72nd Street Reconstruction Project

Project Description:

This project will involve the reconstruction of 72nd Street from Douglas Avenue to just north of Prairie Avenue. This reconstruction will provide for the replacement of a 25' wide street. The limits of this project will extend from the north side of Douglas Avenue, north along 72nd Street through the intersection with Prairie Avenue. This area does not have an adequate storm sewer system, so a new storm sewer will be added as part of the project. Storm Sewer improvements will also be added along the north side of Ridgemont Drive from 72nd Street to 74th Street.

Project Status Update - 09/16/19

Stage 1 - The contractor has completed installing storm sewer on the north side of Ridgemont Drive from 72nd Street to 74th Street. The contractor has installed temporary seeding along the majority of Ridgemont Drive. The contractor is currently scheduled to start removing material, installing topsoil and sodding on the south side of Ridgemont Drive on Wednesday the 18th. Based on the forecast this may be delayed.

Stage 2 - 72nd Street is closed from Airline Avenue to Prairie Avenue. No through traffic will be allowed. Please refer to the Parking Exhibit below for information on places to park if you are in the closed section. The sidewalks will remain for walking access and mail delivery while the street is being replaced. The contractor has removed the pavement and completed the installation of the storm sewer and the sanitary sewer. The contractor is working on preparing the area for paving. The new pavement is anticipated to be completed by late-September, as the weather has delayed things.

As a part of the project, storm sewer services will be installed to the properties on each side of the street. Property owners are strongly encouraged to connect to the service. A grant program has been established to aid in the process. Additional information is available in the helpful downloads below.

Helpful Downloads