Employee Intranet

This page is provided as a source for employee information. It is a place to find information useful to you as an employee, and to provide an avenue for greater electronic communication from the city to it's staff.

Carlson Dettmann Consulting, LLC

Classification & Compensation Study: Council & Employee Project Update (7/24/18)

Employee HR Portal

Benefits Open Enrollment: Monday, October 15 - Monday, November 5, 2018

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook (PDF): This handbook and the policies and procedures contained herein supersede any and all prior practices, oral or written representations, or statements regarding the terms and conditions of my employment with the City of Urbandale by distributing this handbook, the city expressly revokes any and all previous policies and procedures that are inconsistent with those contained herein.

Communications Guide

The City of Urbandale values the opportunity to provide information that is professional, informative, open, proactive, and on-brand to residents and stakeholders. To do that well, we have developed this Communications Guide (PDF). A Communications Guide does many things. It primarily helps us ensure that our community is well informed by promoting awareness of events, programs, initiatives, services, and opportunities in Urbandale.