Strategic Priorities

In late 2017 the Mayor and City Council worked with Lyle Sumek Associates, Inc. to review and update the 2016-2021-2031 Urbandale Strategic Plan.  Based on that review the Strategic Plan 2018-2023-2033 sets:
Urbandale's Vision 2033 is: Community for all family generations and a community with great neighborhoods.  It is a vibrant suburb that is safe and beautiful.  A vibrant suburb that has a range of quality housing choices and that has thriving commercial areas.

Urbandale's Goals for 2023 are: 1. Financially strong City providing exceptional municipal services; 2. Thriving interchanges/corridors development; 3. Investment in Urbandale's future - updated/replaced City infrastructure; 4. First class suburb - great place for families; and 5. Great neighborhoods: old and new.  

The mission of Urbandale City government is to be a Financially Responsible Government providing Exceptional Quality Municipal Services, which are Responsive to Community Needs making Urbandale A Great Place To Live.  

Performance Report: 
This report show the progress made in accomplishing the action items within the 2016 Strategic Plan.  

Plan in Brief: Is a two page summary of the 2018 strategic plan and the plan's action items.

Strategic Plan 2018-2023-2033: This plan is the comprehensive document outlining the City's vision, mission, core beliefs and work program.